Global Project to Measure the Digital Skills Level

Real-time Tracker for Digital Skills

Disclaimer: The above is for illustrative purposes only and is not
indicative of a country’s level of digital skills or anything related.

Measure the Digital Skills Level of your Country

The DQ Institute is starting a new global collaborative project to develop the DQ Index, a global tracker for digital skills.

COVID-19 has pushed the world into fast digitization, where digital skills are now a must-have for every individual.

Digital skills” go beyond technical competency such as coding and computer operations. In accordance with the IEEE digital intelligence (DQ) Global Standards (IEEE 3527.1™), “digital skills” are defined as a comprehensive set of competencies needed to thrive in the digital age.

Based on its collaborative R&D platform that aggregates different frameworks, researches, and programs, the DQ Index develops a set of standardized metrics that tracks how countries are progressing in terms of the following six digital skills that are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Digital Skills for Child Online Safety
Protect all children from cyber-risks and harms and ensure digital citizenship skills for all children
Digital Skills for Learning
Ensure quality and comprehensive digital skill education and promote life-long opportunities for all
Digital Skills for Online Participation
Ensure universal and inclusive access by all people, in particular the people in vulnerable situations including seniors and people with special needs, to the Internet and to participation in the digital economy
Global Tracker for Digital Skills
Digital Skills for Work & Innovation
Ensure digital skilling/upskilling of all workforces, promote decent, and productive digital workplace, at all levels, and foster science, technology, and innovation
Digital Skills for Well-being
Promote wellbeing in digital lives, reduce inequality, and promote safe, trustful, and peaceful digitized societies for all, at all levels
Digital Skills for Female Empowerment
Achieve digital gender equity and empower all women and girls through enabling technology